Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

To say the B&B, Trois Estate, is UNIQUE, would be an understatement. I am trying not give too many details as to not spoil the experience for anyone, but this is definitely a one of kind property. Enchanted Rock is within viewing distance and the charming town of Fredricksburg is nearby in what is called the Texas Hill Country. My sister and I had the opportunity to stay here on a weekend getaway. Besides the adobe style rooms, there is a restaurant, underground grotto pool, and chapel on the premises. The owners have quite an extensive and albeit spooky and eclectic collection of…well collections. One being the largest cap gun collection in the world. Now I am not necessarily recommending a stay here, you have to keep a very open mind, considering the oddities. So, if you don’t mind staying in a room that only locks from the outside (and you get no key), or coming back to your room after having left for a few hours to find all of your stuff has been packed and moved to another room, or just laughing off all the unexpected, UNIQUE experiences you may have, this place is for you.

Trois Estate2

Trois Estate1

Trois Estate3

Trois Estate4

Trois Estate5

Trois Estate6

Enchanted Rock

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