Evening Bag DIY

A trip to my local flea market yielded a very affordable vintage evening bag. Unfortunately, it’s peach satin exterior was in poor condition. The interior was in excellent shape, although it did not have any labels to denote it origins.

I have been experimenting with metallic paints on leather for jewelry making and I thought it would be fun to try it on the satin. All I had to lose was $2 and a little time.

Well, voila…the results were very positive. The paint took well to the satin. I chose a rose gold shade and then added accents of a vintage chandelier crystal and jewelry piece.

I thought the gold tones worked well with the chain strap of the bag. Here are the before and after pictures.  What do you think?

purse before


purse before2








detail of crystal jewelry part on purse


purse inside


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Lace Accents DIY

I saw these jeans in an  Anthropologie ad for “Distressed Denim”. I love the lace trimmed pockets. They are Piper Destroyed by AG. I thought this would be an easy DIY project.  I chose some True Religion jeans I had not being wearing very much and added vintage lace around the edge of the front pockets. I plan on wearing them rolled up “boyfriend” style with a feminine white blouse as shown the photo below.


lace trim jeans2

lace trim jeans3

lace trim jeans


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National Wear Red Day

Today, February 1, 2013 was the 10th annual National Wear Red for Women day. The event was started by the American Heart Association to raise awareness of women and heart disease. At the time it was begun, women were being affected by heart disease in huge numbers (it was the no. 1 killer) but many women still considered it to be a male dominant disease.

Many people at work today wore red attire to continue to raise awareness of women and heart disease. I chose this red sweater, that started out as a traditional V neck but I cut down the center to make it “cardigan like”. I chose boyfriend jeans (hey, it was casual Friday as well) and a silk tie blouse with ruffle front. Grey suede wedges finish the look, along with a  cuff bracelet I made using a vintage jewelry piece attached to suede leather and a vintage pin.

wear red5

wear red4

wear red3

wear red1

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I can honestly say I did not know what the word minaudière meant until this year. I don’t even think I had ever seen it written or heard it spoken. And then all of sudden…it is everywhere. Of course that is because a minaudière is part of almost every evening  ensemble in fashion magazines.

According to Wikipedia, minaudière (pronounced mē-nōd-ˈyer) is a women’s fashion accessory, generally considered a jewelry piece, intended to substitute for an evening bag. A case with compartments, it allows storage for several items in a small space, such as a makeup compact, lipstick, watch, reading glasses, or keys.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word is French, and literally means ‘coquettish woman’.

The minaudière appeared during the 1930s. Its invention is attributed to Charles Arpels, of Van Cleef & Arpels. They are usually hard-sided and small enough to be nestled in the hand. Some have an attached chain or a lanyard to go around the wrist.

Judith Leiber is a designer that makes some of the most unusual and high-end minaudières. There are vintage ones that are coveted and then there are very affordable newer versions…and everything in between. Some are encrusted in jewels or come in novelty designs from sea creatures to pastries. Others are made of leather, exotic skins, satin, or metallic materials. There truly is a design option for any taste.

Also, if you are a DIY kinda gal…why not make your own. Here is a tutorial from Honestly…WTF.

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber





Forever 21

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Oxblood – The Color of Fall 2012

Code Name: OXBLOOD

It is THE color of the season. It is dark red with a touch of brown. Think of cranberry or maroon or wine or burgundy or auburn or crimson or scarlet…well you get the picture.

If you are wondering, as I, where the name comes from…it is short for oxygenated blood, the color blood turns to when exposed to air. It is deep, dark, mysterious, and is saturating clothing and makeup this fall. From leather to lipstick, this is the go-to hue of the season. I had my toenails painted a pretty oxblood color today, OPI’s “We’ll Always Have Paris”.

Here are some of my favorite OXBLOOD fashion statements.

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Fashion Faux Pas or Fashion Forward?

A few years ago if someone had suggested to me to wear socks with high heels I would have said no way. What a fashion faux pas – socks were not meant to be worn with pretty, dainty heels. Well, this fashion trend is not going away and it has definitely grown on me.

Being a cold natured girl, socks, stockings, and tights are my fashion best friends when the temperatures drop. So why not pair them up with not just boots and booties but also pretty shoes.

I especially like the over the knee socks.  Here are some of the looks I am loving right now. What do you think, a fashion faux pas or a fun fashion trend?

Cynthia Steffe


Oscar de la Renta on the runway

Oscar de la Renta

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Material Girl Earrings

I like the juxtaposition of  the tactile qualities of fiber, fabric, and thread with hard objects like metal in jewelry.

I have been making these wrapped hoop earrings using bamboo and hemp cording and adding embellishments such as metal and glass seed beads.  Natural fibers not only provide color but lots of room for creativity in jewelry making.

Girls in their Red Earrings!

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