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Oxblood – The Color of Fall 2012

Code Name: OXBLOOD

It is THE color of the season. It is dark red with a touch of brown. Think of cranberry or maroon or wine or burgundy or auburn or crimson or scarlet…well you get the picture.

If you are wondering, as I, where the name comes from…it is short for oxygenated blood, the color blood turns to when exposed to air. It is deep, dark, mysterious, and is saturating clothing and makeup this fall. From leather to lipstick, this is the go-to hue of the season. I had my toenails painted a pretty oxblood color today, OPI’s “We’ll Always Have Paris”.

Here are some of my favorite OXBLOOD fashion statements.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

At first glance, it appears that the ring finger is the WRONG color compared to the rest of the nails. But no, this is just a new trend in nail fashion. It is pretty much “anything goes” these days and nail painting has essentially become an art form. From the length and shape of the nail, to the colors, to the designs and patterns, it truly is just the “tip of the fingernail” in this trend. Below is my DIY version.

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